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Diving spot

Phi Phi Islands

The islands are rich in dive sites with different depths and landscapes, encounters with blacktip reef sharks and turtles are not uncommon here, you can meet octopuses, cuttlefish, large tunas, trevally and barracudas, large flocks of yellow snappers will impress both children and adults. Rich macro world. Diving is available for divers of all skill levels. Depths from 5 to 30 m. Visibility from 10 to 25 meters.

King Cruiser Wreck


 An 85m 4-deck passenger liner built in Japan that cruised between Phuket and Phi-Phi Islands. Sailing off Anemones Reef on May 4, 1997, she was wrecked and sank. There were no victims. The wreckage of the ship lies at a depth of 16-33 m. The entire hull of the ship is covered with a carpet of hard and soft corals, which attract a large number of different living creatures. Visibility on the King Cruiser Wreck ranges from 5 to 25 meters. Maximum depth at the bottom 33 m

Racha Islands


The islands of Racha abound with dive sites of various levels of difficulty and depth. An ideal place for a wide variety of courses and specializations: wreck diving, current diving, deep diving and more. There are sites where manta rays come, a site with a sculptural composition "Elephants", sunken ships, as well as places where techno divers dive and are trained. Depths (for recreational diving) from 5 to 40m. Visibility from 15 to 35m.

Shark Point

As the name suggests, this is a site favored by zebra reef sharks. Of course, no one can guarantee a meeting with them, but it often happens that you can see several individuals in one dive. Deservedly considered one of the most beautiful dive sites in Phuket. The most beautiful gardens of hard and soft corals, seahorses, cuttlefish, different types of moray eels and beautiful flocks of large and small fish, groupers, red snappers, large barracudas - this is not the whole list of inhabitants of this place. This site is occasionally visited by whale sharks. Depths from 12 to 30 m. Visibility from 15 to 30 m.

Similan National Park

Best place for scubadiving in Thailand!

"Similan" is  means nine. 

Most of the Southeast Asia’s impressive oceanic marine species can be found in Similan Islands

-swa turtles, manta rays, barracuds, whale sharks, giant morays, giant trevallies and many other

Only for certified divers, AOWD Level

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